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Clients and Projects

In addition to documentary, broadcast television and educational programs, Scott Morris Productions has created dozens of films and videos for clients in many industries including finance, technology, health care and luxury products. Clients include major corporations, non-profit organizations, small businesses, start-ups and other production companies that need to outsource or enhance their services. Here's a short list:

Independent documentary currently on national public television

"From The Ashes: The Life and Times of Tick Hall" - critically acclaimed, one-hour film about the history, loss and painstaking recreation of a 125 year-old house destroyed by a fire. Follows the efforts of the owners - former talk-show host Dick Cavett and his wife, actress Carrie Nye - to rebuild it exactly as it was. Shown at the Hamptons International Film Festival, premiered on WNET-Thirteen, and currently distributed by American Public Television. See clip on the Portfolio page. For more information, visit the film's website,

Corporate Clients

Verdasys - short marketing video about a unique digital security software product; designed for trade-show exhibition, company website and distribution on DVD. See clip on the Portfolio page.

Deloitte (for Vision Pilots and LCI Communications) - high-end corporate meeting openers and modules for big-screen presentation at global meetings in New York, London, Barcelona, Singapore and Buenos Aires. Also produced videos for recruiting and webcasts. See clip on Portfolio page.

Friends of Animals (for LCI Communications) - "The Ghana Chimpanzee Project," affecting, award-winning fundraising film about a program to return abused chimpanzees to a wildlife preserve. See clip on the Portfolio page.

Luxor Hotel/Casino - "Making of Luxor," dynamic, 28-minute promotional film about building the 30-story glass pyramid in Las Vegas and its high-tech attractions. See clip on the Portfolio page.

Lenox China (for Gorman Multimedia Communications)- "Art of Lenox," behind-the-scenes look at how prestigious Lenox china, crystal and silverware are made; features short history of company. See clip on the Portfolio page.

March of Dimes - warm, humanistic public relations video about a resource center for parents and health care professionals with questions about birth defects and pre-natal care. See clip on the Portfolio page.

ProVen Private Equity - marketing video for new investment product; helped raise $100 million

Medco Health - recruiting video for the nation's leading pharmaceutical benefits company, sent to 10,000 pharmacists nationwide

Pfizer Animal Health - training video demonstrating how to use a new veterinary product

Harper Collins Publishers - educational video for college students studying how to handle parent-student issues; features classroom scenes and dramatic role play

Eastman Kodak (for R/Greenberg Associates) - "Imaging and Imagination," award-winning, high-end marketing film about the creation of a special effects commercial using the latest digital technology

Landmark School (for Broadstreet Productions) - moving look at a school for learning disabled children, designed to recruit students and help with fundraising efforts

Scholastic (for R/Greenberg Associates) - "Kids In Touch," group of lively educational videos hosted by kids about telecommunications for students in grades 6-8


Gold and Silver Hugos - Chicago INTERCOM
Gold and Silver Plaques - Chicago INTERCOM
Gold Camera for Marketing - US International Film and Video Festival
Gold Camera for Direction - US International Film and Video Festival
Silver Screen Award - US International Film and Video Festival
Gold Remi - Worldfest Houston
2 Cine Golden Eagles
National Endowment for the Arts film production grant

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