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Meadowlands Film Project

Meadowlands is a new independent documentary currently in production about an area of New Jersey with a history of severe environmental issues. Filmmaker Scott Morris began shooting and editing scenes of the area's crazy mix of industry and natural beauty, and interviews with several passionate advocates who have been working to restore it. The project will be in production until late 2011. The following clips offer a look at Morris' work-in-progress.

"Meadowlands" Video Clips

Intro and Riverkeeper - Part 1"Intro and Riverkeeper - Part 1" - An overview of the Meadowlands today and Part 1 of a tour of the Hackensack River by Captain Bill Sheehan (4 minutes). See Part 2 of Bill Sheehan's story below.
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DeKorte Park - Marsh Discovery Trail"DeKorte Park - Marsh Discovery Trail" - On a bright morning in late August, the Meadowlands Commission's Jim Wright visits an amazing public trail into a marsh. Egrets abound! (1 min. 40 secs.)
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Riverkeeper - Part 2"Riverkeeper - Part 2" - Capt. Bill Sheehan talks about growing up in the Meadowlands and his work advocating the clean-up of three of the area's most polluted sites. (4 minutes)
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Turtle Researchers"Turtle Researchers" - A group of naturalists undertake the first terrapin study in the Meadowlands to determine their population, diet and effects of heavy metals in the enviroment.(3 minutes)
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Erie Landfill/Harrier/Mill Creek"Erie Landfill/Harrier/Mill Creek" - The Meadowlands Commissions' Jim Wright takes us to the top of one of the Meadowlands' biggest closed landfills and two wildlife preserves created by the commission. (3 mins. 20 secs.)
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